Why floristry?

Flowers are cute

You might be wondering what a floristry section is doing on this website, after all the others categories are all about more-or-less nerdy stuff such as computers or video games!

Well, I unexpectedly got an interest in floristry back in 2018, it came to me.. through a dream? It definitely does sounds a bit weird to say ha! But it really inspired to start learning about it

I started visiting florists around town to ask questions about the job etc. It was a really pleasant experience, most florists welcomed me happily and answered all my questions. One even gave me a free floral composition to bring back home, that was cute!

I wanted to go to school for it but unfortunately, the school where the class took place was too far and the class was cancelled every year anyway due to low participation, so much like I did with programming, I started learning by myself thanks to the internet and books

In April 2021, I ordered more than 500$ worth of fake flowers in order to practice making bouquets and started selling those around July in order to buy more flowers. It’s good practice regarding structure, colors etc but of course it doesn’t replace real flowers

And.. This is kinda where it stops for now, due to COVID-19, I couldn’t really pursue a job in it just yet. But, I’m sure I’ll eventually get there. I hope so at least

Page last modified Apr 01, 2023