Hello! 💐

I'm Erika, a software engineer living in Sweden 🇸🇪, pleased to meet you! I am currently employed at FaviconAstro where I do a bit of everything, though I am mostly found in high impact but often overlooked areas such as editor tooling.

Wanna read stuff I wrote? Well, here's my blog! Interested in seeing stuff I worked on? Click here for my projects. You want to read more stuff I wrote, but this time, mostly for myself? Take a look at my wiki.

Featured works

Latest blog posts

On gamifying art

Mar 16, 2024 · website
Keeping tabs has been great, but it's not without its downsides

Things I've worked on at Astro in 2023

Dec 23, 2023 · programming, astro
Turns out images are more complicated than I thought

What's in a good error

Jul 02, 2023 · dev-experience, programming
Because good DX goes from W to N: Working to Not Working

Don't underestimate the power of editor tooling

Apr 01, 2022 · programming
Close to 100% of programmers are typing code in a code editor!


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