Things change, and that's okay.

April 2024

  • 04d5ada content(catalogue): Add Super Mario 64
  • aa68f39 content(catalogue): Add Anatomy of a Fall

March 2024

  • 3bb6491 content(catalogue): Add Helldivers 2
  • eb13787 fix(gamifying-art): Small fixes
  • 6fcca02 fix: uild
  • bcd53f0 feat(blotg): New article on the catalogue
  • d3fada0 perf: reduce font size
  • 8e6d83b feat: rename RSS feeds
  • 2fd37cc content(catalogue): Add BLUE EYE SAMURAI
  • 295a5eb [cms] elseheartbreak.mdoc
  • 135f689 style: misc style changes
  • 3c63ef4 fix(rss): Make sure all links are absolute
  • 3587392 feat(blog): Some opacity niceties
  • 95fa385 chore: update deps
  • fdba18c feat(catalogue): Add sorting
  • 516f07c fix(add): Handle failing requests to GitHub
  • 87fc3f3 feat(rss): Enable autodiscovery
  • a499de9 content(catalogue): Add Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • 6ee6e7b fix(rss): Make sure enclosure links are absolutes
  • 23ba884 fix(rss): Try CDATA on the guid as well
  • a75b8c9 fix(rss): Encode titles and descriptions
  • c0cca0e feat(rss): Feed for catalogue
  • fd370c7 fix(blog): another year typo
  • 244a463 fix: cleaning up RSS feed
  • c18ca2b fix(rss): Show articles in the correct order
  • 8dbd14d fix: more encoding problems
  • e48593e fix: encoding
  • b1947a1 fix(rss): Small fixes
  • 81641b2 fix: use proper xml namespace
  • 40d4d18 feat: trying a funky way of doing RSS
  • e27550a fix(blog): year on 2023 work article
  • 72ea2a6 nit: typo
  • 6036064 feat(blog): Article on my work in 2023
  • e498ab5 content(catalogue): Add Damsel
  • 4c24fcc content(catalogue): Add The Intern
  • 8571bc8 fix(api): Add
  • ce5608a feat(markdoc): We have GFM support at home
  • b899798 chore: update deps

February 2024

  • bd431a9 content(catalogue): Add Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • 692f7d7 perf: what I wouldn't do for Lighthouse
  • 3ee272d perf: Try to please the Lighthouse gods even more
  • b258da7 perf: attempt to please the Lighthouse gods
  • 7240515 content(catalogue): Add Verdens verste menneske
  • 8164780 feat(wiki): Zed article
  • 97c977b content(catalogue): Add Poor Things
  • 55901e3 fix(scripts): Use .mdoc extensions
  • 2e2b7de content(catalogue): Add Magic Survival
  • ffe1295 feat(catalogue): Add support for sorting
  • 7291f41 nit: ignore markdoc
  • 03eb7d5 feat: migrate to Markdoc (#18)

January 2024

  • 22a908b content(catalogue): Add Mass Effect 2
  • c19dbe2 content(catalogue): Add Definitely, Maybe
  • 3067470 content(catalogue): Add Spectre
  • 30b8c53 content(catalogue): Add Red Dead Redemption 2
  • 09f1fae content(catalogue): Add The Queen's Gambit
  • b9a36c6 content(catalogue): Add Mass Effect
  • 0d3c677 content(catalogue): Add Little Women
  • 96d343c content(catalogue): Add The Light Between Oceans
  • 337bef3 content(catalogue): Add Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
  • ef5d0b9 content(catalogue): Add Youth
  • 5b082b7 chore: update deps
  • c7045bd content(catalogue): Fix dates on two catalogue entries
  • 06c75f3 content(catalogue): Add Denial
  • b615f45 content(catalogue): Add The Mercy
  • 664aa1e content(catalogue): Add Pseudoregalia
  • a0532d9 fix(changelog): not showing entries from januaries, ha
  • 4476d30 fix: move unshallow script before everything
  • 4f1dd12 chore: lockfile
  • ff78824 fix: bash syntax
  • 2befd30 Fix last updated on Vercel builds (#16)
  • 2ec71a1 content(catalogue): Add En Garde!
  • 974738d content(catalogue): Add Lunacid
  • 1bedf67 content(catalogue): Add Chrono Trigger
  • e50e72b content(catalogue): Add Agora
  • d9c497b content(catalogue): Add Her
  • 4d9aae7 content(catalogue): Add Grease
  • 7f47389 content(catalogue): Add Drive
  • d398fc5 content(catalogue): Add ONE PIECE
  • 0a68f21 content(catalogue): Add Chicago
  • c4134af content(catalogue): Add The Deep Blue Sea
  • 188914c content(catalogue): Add 20 Minutes Till Dawn
  • c1551e4 fix: remove cargo config
  • 201e239 ci: attempt to deploy using Vercel
  • 492217d content(catalogue): Add Escape Academy
  • e46e710 content(catalogue): Add The Lobster
  • 7e846f9 content(catalogue): Add Slay the Princess

December 2023

  • 6d9f8bb Apparently not
  • 34685b4 Try to deploy using --archive
  • 8490790 content(catalogue): Add Page Eight
  • 8e7a967 content(catalogue): Add Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
  • b251dc4 content(catalogue): Add The Brothers Bloom
  • 2dfee79 fix: don't add icons to anchor links
  • 6600c58 fix: add github token to cache action
  • 20576f4 ci: update cache between runs
  • 02343e9 fix: don't use external link for own website
  • 50ff5dc fix: don't show external icon on links that are not external
  • 93ff863 nit: disable prefetch in dev
  • 335db1e fix(wiki): Missing links on terminal workflow page
  • 9e77466 fix(links): HTML content inside external linkts
  • 67da582 feat(changelog): Cleanup commit messages and filter out meta commits
  • ad3f754 perf: optimize images
  • 59efd6f content: add all the Marvel movies I've watched to the catalogue
  • f83ce33 content(catalogue): Add My Cousin Rachel
  • 520f935 fix(catalogue): Fix wrong rating for quantum of solace
  • a68158f content(catalogue): Add Skyfall
  • 491ed31 content(catalogue): Add Quantum of Solace
  • 609eedb content(catalogue): Add Casino Royale
  • 62a7057 fix: remove another console.log
  • 38fa89e content(catalogue): Add Dead Ringers
  • af0146f fix: make Astro article a draft
  • 8061b29 fix: remove console.log
  • 5d77a63 feat: Make it easier to use images in content
  • 7e7d6ea feat: hide draft articles
  • a051bdf content(catalogue): Add Bottoms
  • a96c0c7 content(catalogue): Add Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • 3338aad content(catalogue): Add In the Heights
  • 50815cf content(catalogue): Add Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  • b010b7a content(catalogue): Add Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  • e1c4724 feat(catalogue): Add support for adding games and books
  • ff5a5af fix(content): Use string for video games ids
  • 7aab3ec feat(content): Add ps4 and ps5 as valid platforms
  • 6fcb68f content(catalogue): Add Street Fighter 6
  • c6a0fcf fix: proper slug
  • 5513d00 feat: move to Astro 4
  • b45f8d2 fix(wiki): Update link to Flower Color Guide

November 2023

  • ba8ba45 fix: update Mastodon profile link
  • 920bad7 content(catalogue): Add Catch Me If You Can
  • b873640 content(catalogue): Add Click
  • 3729f98 feat(wiki): Update VS Code setup artile
  • 061a4b7 nit: optimize images
  • 2284ef9 Feat/upgrade all deps (#15)
  • aca780c content(catalogue): Add Mean Girls
  • 7673362 content(catalogue): Add Uncharted
  • cade971 nit: add a trailling newline to generated Markdown
  • c24469a content(catalogue): Add A Monster in Paris
  • a9d6602 content(catalogue): Add The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • c4cb9ee chore: lockfile
  • 3a6eaca config(tooling): Update ESLint config to be stricter

October 2023

  • 1f38ef4 content(catalogue): Add I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore
  • 913ab6b content(catalogue): Add Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • ffaf5d0 content(catalogue): Add Castlevania: Nocturne
  • a3e0b0d content(catalogue): Add Sherlock
  • 8bd5d6d content(catalogue): Add Love to Hate You
  • c0a29a0 content(catalogue): Add Barbie
  • 0991fb6 content(catalogue): Add Enola Holmes 2
  • 202e7a4 content(catalogue): Add Enola Holmes
  • 4d96686 content(catalogue): Add Hamilton
  • dde9b12 ci: try to cache images between runs
  • 55abad2 fix: remove default features from reqwest
  • 95b4ada fix: lockfile
  • 1ea73d5 fix: try with rustls
  • 05ca98b feat: add UI to add entries to the catalogue
  • 14ea2d6 chore: update Astro
  • 25e1360 ci: allow manual runs
  • ff929d6 content(catalogue): Add Crashing
  • f26d038 fix: push with personal token to workaround GITHUB_TOKEN limitation
  • 2ece715 content(catalogue): Add Whiplash
  • d14fa5e fix: ignore instead
  • 7335dd4 ci: add new script to update catalogue data in CI
  • 9d372be content(catalogue): Add Bodies
  • 9ee28d4 fix: Make images larger
  • d1cd416 feat: use Astro's Picture component

September 2023

  • ae04607 fix: aaa
  • 041beeb fix: install deps
  • 3cf1460 fix: I love serverless, it's so easy to deploy!
  • 4869979 fix: adjust deploy
  • 83b71df fix: try with cargo config
  • 9c42740 fix: handle error
  • 73f72c3 feat: serverless-powered catalogue
  • 036cae9 style: make headers slightly less bold
  • bd8d7ea fix(wiki): Fix links in terminal workflow wiki page
  • 78b74b6 feat: add shortcat to the list of useful macOS softwares
  • bfea423 chore: bunch of formatting

August 2023

  • 573320b feat: update useful list of macOS softwares with images and small rewriting
  • ecaf59c chore: astro-capo 0.0.1
  • 2080d28 feat: try out astro-capo
  • a76a911 chore: update eslint config
  • 0952fe0 feat: migrate to Astro v3.0
  • aab468e chore: update deps
  • 090b248 feat: new catalogue entries
  • c933f0b chore: update all deps
  • 9713995 feat: add new catalogue entries
  • 6cfa796 feat: add a lot of content to catalogue

July 2023

  • e9d3888 fix: remove duplicate loading and decoding on images
  • 8277797 perf: optimize images
  • c691d2b content: Add a lot of catalogue entries from 2022
  • 98dcc8d style: put font def before rest of Tailwind, hopefully improves font loading speed?
  • 3da022b config: move to moduleResolution: 'bundler'
  • c80d1dc chore: update deps
  • 94b7bcc feat: add entry to catalogue
  • 343c3bf feat: add The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo to catalogue
  • 27003ce fix(index): Fix sorting of latest modified wiki pages
  • 7b9f528 perf: micro optimizations
  • 1a853e5 fix: build
  • 71015cd feat: add two new entries to catalogue
  • 40eefd6 chore: update deps and format files
  • 3127b91 feat(catalogue): Add some shows to the catalogue
  • 8be5dd1 feat(content): Use Expressive Code's titles for code blocks throughout the site
  • f6c4c00 feat(projects): Unique logos for Astro projects
  • a953e4f config: migrate Tailwind and Astro configs to TypeScript, for fun
  • 5007c91 style(sidebar): Sticky elements have taken control of my life
  • 2dd6593 fix(build): Patch Astro for underscore issue, again
  • d2e47ce perf(image): Optimize all content images
  • 63c9cfd feat(code): Migrate code blocks to Expressive Code
  • 0d2a48e fix(blog): Move articles to /articles/ URLs
  • d40518d fix(articles): Sort articles properly on tag and years page
  • 68b053e fix(a11y): Proper role for toggle mobile button
  • b9441b5 fix(a11y): Label different navigations with uniques labels
  • 083e088 fix(deply): Build for prod
  • b5bfd6e fix(misc): Specifiy package manager in package.json
  • b886749 feat(host): Migrate to Vercel
  • 097fad0 perf(preload): Fix script hash on preload
  • b924144 fix(index): Fix wrong color on Erika
  • 5ac86f9 perf(head): Reorder based on recommendations
  • 1e97b7b perf(prefetch): Don't prefetch link to full images
  • 1e803b2 fix(style): Make web font optional 🤷‍♀️
  • 0e0e0bc feat(catalogue): Add new entry
  • 0e85fef fix(misc): Move dark mode script inside body to not delay head
  • 62ce628 fix(style): Adjust font fallbacks
  • 57c9aec fix(changelog): Fix time zone issues on changelog page
  • 27f6c38 fix(theme): Accessibility and contrast issues
  • 8d64f70 fix(index): Fix image size on index page
  • e7b6a87 fix(blog): Cleanup older articles
  • 2129600 fix(blog): Small fixes in the good errors article
  • 5e439d8 fix(blog): Small typo in good errors article
  • 2b08f05 feat(blog): New article on Good Errors

June 2023

May 2023

April 2023

  • 88ca0e9 feat: move placeholder generation to image service
  • 7638bc5 Merge pull request #6 from Princesseuh/feat/content-collections-images
  • 4846b36 refactor: placeholders
  • 16b3a56 feat: placeholders for images
  • c354bd9 nit: comment
  • 0035853 nit: eslint
  • 1e1726e refactor: remove unnecessary code
  • f1e44d9 fix: properly handles classes on markdown images
  • ce4597b fix: remove unnecessary things
  • 90c3110 fix: remove unnecessary packages
  • b5e3d7a fix: image path in kdearchlinux
  • 1c14119 feat(all): Migrate website to Content Collections and `astro:assets`

March 2023

  • b1bfd0d feat(wiki): Add LinearMouse to macOS useful softwares list

February 2023

  • d37a1e5 chore: update caching
  • 240933a feat: Upgrade to latest of everything
  • 8bfb045 feat(macosusefulsoftwares): Add Quitter

December 2022

November 2022

October 2022

September 2022

July 2022

June 2022

April 2022

March 2022

  • 857dd24 Update astro-eleventy-img
  • 9e5fde1 Add filtering to catalogue, add placeholders
  • 18ee020 Migrate to static build

February 2022

  • aad427d Remove emojis from project page as a test
  • a310e25 Migrate to eleventy-img instead of custom solution

January 2022

  • 52a766c Allow external links in project list
  • 7686525 Attempt to make website work with new static build
  • 1d8cd3e Updates
  • 527e8d7 misc things
  • bc20643 Filter article list by year
  • 3c96cf6 Working settings
  • c0a6268 Fix heading order in

December 2021

November 2021

  • d1c628e Fix astro-social-images version
  • 80bc960 Add support for movies and shows to the catalogue
  • b915368 Fonts, macOS softwares
  • f19c2fd Update to latest version of astro-social-images
  • 78543c4 Port to astro@next part 2
  • 1a3c92d Port to astro@next

October 2021

  • 38181d5 Add catalogue pages
  • 7c596a8 Add a few things to catalogue
  • e03de06 Update WikiNavigation with highlight for current page
  • acbda09 Add a page about things I don't want to work with in the wiki
  • 88060cc Add pagination to article list
  • 97be680 Misc things
  • 7392d0f Fix build error
  • f15f0d8 Add tag pages
  • 470252f Add last modified wiki pages
  • dde6975 Add utils alias
  • ec45039 Add relative dates
  • f4d6157 Changes
  • 49f96b5 Type linters
  • 1a683f9 Move catalogue to fetchContent
  • 8272930 Add 'Mods for playing as a woman' page to wiki
  • b948303 Various wiki fixes and additions
  • e5b7fd6 Add CSS modules support through astro-css-modules, add code styling
  • b40ff41 Fix Typescript errors being duplicated
  • b2abcee Add TOC to wiki
  • eec3201 Disable node env on browser scripts
  • 626f069 Linters
  • 18c8d44 Move wiki to FetchContent
  • 267bb26 Trying stuff out
  • 7eeea7a Add catalogue covers

September 2021


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