Keyboard shortcuts to improve your life

Because normal humans don't use Vim motions

Despite all the cool and nerdy things I do, I've never been super good at.. keyboard stuff. Or at least, using my keyboard efficiently. Nonetheless, in an effort to impress my family, friends and coworkers be more efficient, notably while programming, I've been learning. Think of this page as a cheatsheet.

Alternatively to all of this, Vim motions are great. I use them in the rare cases where I'm in the terminal and I enter Vim by accident. Since I don't use them often, I don't know them very well, but they are kinda neat.

The basics

  • Cmd/CTRL + C to copy
  • Cmd/CTRL + V to paste
  • Cmd/CTRL + X to cut
  • Cmd/CTRL + Z to undo
  • Cmd + Shift + Z / CTRL + Y to redo
  • Cmd/CTRL + A to select all

You know them, they work in most apps, they're great.

  • Cmd/CTRL + Left/Right to move to the beginning/end of a line
  • Option/Alt + Left/Right to move to the beginning/end of a word
  • Cmd/CTRL + Up/Down to move to the beginning/end of a file

Navigating through paragraphs is a bit more tricky, you can do it with Option/Alt + Up/Down. However, in some softwares (such as VS Code), this will instead move the current line, which is admidtelly also useful

Page last modified Feb 03, 2024


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