Minimalist 3D platform/racing game, available on Steam

SinaRun is a first-person 3D platform/racing game, developped using FaviconUnity and written in FaviconC#

It was first released on and then on FaviconSteam in October 2015 after spending less than a month in the FaviconGreenlight process

The game has sold around 20,000 copies in total, with players all around the world enjoying it

Levels were designed and built directly inside Unity, using tools such as ProBuilder and FaviconProGrid. Custom models were made using FaviconSketchUp and FaviconBlender

Gameplay was inspired by FaviconQuake's DeFRaG, Doom's mazejump and Source Engine's FaviconSurf. All of those have pretty steep learning curves, which lead me to the idea of making the game as simple as possible while still maintaining an unique identity

The result is unfortunately not always as intuitive for newcomers as I hoped, however, feedback has overall been majorly positive, especially among players who got over the initial "bump"


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