SinaRun Update 1.5.1

Jul 26, 2016 · SinaRun, games

Today I watched the French movie ‘Comment c’est loin’ which is about the rap/hip-hop duo Casseur Flowters. (The next two paragraphs contain spoilers)

Basically the story is that they need to make a song in a day to please their producers who’ve been waiting for a few years for the duo first song, however under this basic almost comedy-like story the movie is actually about how the duo need to faces their issues, the fear of failure etc

The end song which is both the song they make for their producer in the movie and the last song you hear before the credits theme is about how they or what they make will never be unaccomplished no matter what happen. How is that relevant to SinaRun you might ask? I don’t know. I just thought it was interesting and fairly inspiring

Anyway, enough of this sad introduction!

Today update include changes to Elastic Light and others maps, many bugfixes and polishing there and there. There’s not many changes that need to be detailed so the changelog should cover everything!


Since this update (and the one before) fix exploits and bugs related to the leaderboards, I took the liberty to delete a few ‘suspicious’ times on the leaderboards.

Known Issues

  • Controllers might have issues on OSX and Linux
  • A few texts are missing in Spanish and Polish translations
  • Mouse cursor being visible and unlocked when it shouldn’t is partly back
  • Slick Talk lights changes were partly reverted
  • White Roads bloom changes were partly reverted

Engine Changes

That might sound totally insane but I backported the entire game back to Unity 4. Unity 5 actually present too much issues that I don’t really want to deal with for the moment at least.

Oh well. I guess I saved 700$. Everything that was broken due to engine changes should be back to normal! (anti-aliasing, colors etc). I must say backporting Elastic Light to Unity 4 was an interesting experience. I don’t know if there was an ‘intended’ solution for this but I ended up writing my own thing. Was fun! In the end Elastic Light look almost the same on both version. (Though I had to find a way to do Height Fog on Unity 4 that didn’t break transparent things and anti-aliasing too much)

General Changes

  • Re-enabled multiplayer and leaderboards
  • Removed the link to my Twitter in the menu, some users commented that it felt too mobile game-like and beside I didn’t have enough room for this version number
  • Maximum shadow distance is now 225 (it was pretty destructive to set it higher anyway)
  • The ‘Automatic’ settings for resolution is now disabled when in fullscreen (it was intended to be used only in windowed)
  • Due to the engine changes, Post-AA is re-enabled by default (it look pretty okay in Unity 4. For Post-AA that is!)
  • Invert Sprint is now disabled by default (Left-over from testing. Sorry)
  • In Training F3 now allow you to hide the training UI. No-clip is now on F4

Controller Changes

  • LT and RT can now be used to sprint
  • A can now be used to jump

In the future I plan on adding rebinding or at least different layouts but for the time being these two changes should already help a lot!

Maps Changes

  • Fixed additional floating pillars in Slick Talk (specially at the end of the level)
  • Fixed clipping issues in maps where pillars reached kinda high (Slick Talk, Elevated Highground etc)
  • Slightly improved performance of some level previews

Golden Opportunity

  • Made a ‘wall’ sliiighty larger to make a shortcut easier and more consistent
  • Moved a pillar to allow for more creative jumps toward the end of the level
  • Moved a wall slightly out of the way toward the end to allow for a tighter turn

Blue Horse

  • Reduced shadow opacity to make it easier to see platforms (Thanks GoldenRoxGaming for his video!)

Blast Tendency

  • Moved a pillar after the first angled pillar (arch thing) jump to make it less frustating (and more consistent)

Elastic Light

  • Improved performances
  • Moved many platforms around to better balance the paths

It is now easier to get to the left path and you can now easily commit to the left path from the middle one (where previously you needed to fully commit to the left path at the beginning), in addition it take more time to start with the right path now to better balance the two. Merging to the right one from the center is still possible.

The right path is still not as interesting as the left one even though it’s faster but these changes should already contribute toward a better balanced map (and also allow for more creativity from the center path). Further work will be done toward this in the future

UI Changes

Added padding to notes (fix issues where at some low resolution it looked like the text was overflowing)

Bugs Fixes

Fixed various typos in both English and French Fixed a few crashes related to leaderboards Fixed missing visual effects in some level previews (Unusual Downtown and Spiritual Era in particular) Fixed Status Bar ingame not being aligned correctly with the menu at low resolution Fixed option menu closing when rebinding the pause button Fixed IP input field label being too small and thus causing two lines for no reason at low resolution Fixed credits having major encoding issues and not scaling correctly at low resolution Fixed resolution dialog being mis-aligned at low res (which lead to the scrollbar being hidden) Fixed camera field of view bugging out in the settings menu when Invert Sprint was enabled (in-game) Fixed spawn height for the last tutorial teleport Fixed missing geometry in Community Interest level preview Fixed Spiritual Era brigtness and bloom issues Fixed an issue where audio didn’t play in the main menu but worked fine in levels Fixed a missing colon in the Spanish translation Added missing translation in French

Hopefully you guys like the update! Next update should be a more content focused one hopefully. I have a few ideas for a new map..